Airtex Fuel Pump Strainer for 1998 Volvo V90 2.9L L6

This Airtex Fuel Pump Strainer fits your 1998 Volvo V90 2.9L L6 and is perfect for a tune up or performance upgrade.
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Airtex Fuel Pump Strainer
Airtex Fuel Pump Strainer

Airtex has manufactured fuel delivery, cooling, and electrical parts since 1935 and delivers unmatched quality that improves upon the design and performance of aftermarket replacements. Airtex serves both original equipment manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket industry by supplying equipment to auto, truck, marine, and other manufacturers, as well as specialty companies and fleets. With three manufacturing plants, design and engineering centers as well as research, development, and test facilities, Airtex is a world leader in product design, development, and production.

  • EXTEND THE LIFETIME OF THE PUMP: the Airtex Fuel Pump Strainer improves the longevity of the pump
  • AVOID FUEL SYSTEM CONTAMINATION: By using an effective strainer, like the Airtex Fuel Pump Strainer, you can reduce your risk of contamination
  • UTILIZE CLEANER FUEL: the strainer preserves the life of the fuel pump and is designed to catch contamination for optimum fuel system performance
  • TRUST IN HIGH-QUALITY FILTRATION: the filtration technology provides more dirt-holding capacity than competitive products and increases the life of the system
  • MAXIMIZE QUALITY: all Airtex products are 100 percent factory tested to provide higher efficiency and performance

Year RangeMakeModelNotes
1998VolvoV902.9L L6;Used w/Low Pressure In Tank Pump
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SKU 2090013783
Color N/A
Brand Airtex
Part Type Fuel Pump Strainer
Part Number N/A
Part Interchange Manufacturer Sixity
Part Interchange Number N/A
Pack Size 1
Condition New
Part Placement N/A
Vehicle Type Auto
Vehicle Year 1998
Vehicle Make Volvo
Vehicle Model V90
Vehicle Submodel Various
Vehicle Engine Various
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Airtex Auto Parts: Maintaining OE Integrity

Since 1935 Airtex-ASC has been delivering quality pump solutions. Now, Airtex serves both original equipment manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket, providing an extensive catalog of water pump and fuel delivery systems for cars, trucks, and fleet vehicles. Certified ISO TS16949, Airtex bridges the gap between OE-production philosophy and custom water pump designs to optimize performance while adhering to quality standards to ensure the perfect fit.

OE-Partnerships Lead to Quality Aftermarket Pumps

All Airtex aftermarket pumps adhere to stringent OE specifications and design. In fact, Airtex works closely with their OE customers like Ford, GM, and Mazda to develop customized pumps for each specific application. These partnerships set them apart as an OE supplier and enable them to deliver high-performance pumps to the aftermarket that prevent overheating and costly engine damage. The company’s product lines include Airtex Mechanical Fuel Pumps, Airtex Engine Water Pumps, and Airtex Electric Fuel Pumps, along with necessary components like fuel pump strainers, tanks seals, wiring harnesses, and more.

Same Quality for OE and the Aftermarket

Airtex uses the same robotic assembly process for both OE and aftermarket pumps to maintain the highest quality. Pumps are assembled and tested to ensure leak-free and quiet operation that delivers reliable automotive fuel efficiency. Their OE expertise also means these pumps and components meet or even exceed OE specifications.

Fuel Pumps from 1935

Headquartered in northeast Ohio, Airtex was founded by Benjamin Frankel in 1935. Originally named Chefford Master Manufacturing Company, its first products were replacement fuel pump repair kits for Ford and Chevrolet automobiles. During the WWII era, Airtex stopped making auto parts and retooled to support the United States military defense efforts. Then, in the 1970s, water pumps changed from cast iron to aluminum die-cast construction, engines became smaller, operating temperatures rose, and emissions regulations became more stringent. Airtex launched programs to create a product line that would handle the new requirements including in-tank and external electric fuel pumps. In 2006, Airtex and ASC merged to become the “center of water pump excellence” and the new company Airtex-ASC continues to strive to improve upon pump design to ensure the smoothest operation possible.

Covering 250 Million Vehicles

With American vehicles now averaging more than 11 years in age, comprehensive aftermarket parts coverage for the auto supply channel is more important than ever. That’s why Airtex manufactures more than 2,100 units of aftermarket fuel pumps and fuel pump module assemblies that cover more than 250 million vehicles in operation today. Not only does Airtex produce 1.9 million parts in the U.S., they have also chosen to operate their customer call center from their Ohio headquarters to make sure their products are meeting their customers’ needs.

Did You Know?

Airtex tests every pump they sell. Whether it’s in a manufacturing facility or their headquarters in Ohio, before the box it, they test it. That’s why Airtex is the only aftermarket fuel and water pump manufacturer that is also an OE supplier.