1 pc NGK AFR Air Fuel Ratio Sensor for 2018 Volvo V90 2.0L L4 Upstream Side

1pc NGK AFR Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Fits the Upstream side of your 2018 Volvo V90 2.0L L4 and is perfect for a tune up or performance upgrade.
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NGK Air / Fuel Ratio Sensor
NGK Air / Fuel Ratio Sensor

The NGK/NTK OE-Type 4-Wire A/F Oxygen Sensor, also known as an Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor, showcases superior engineering for optimal fuel efficiency. The sensor measures the air-to-fuel mixture in the exhaust stream under a wide range of driving conditions and sends information to the engine management computer to make adjustments based on driving conditions. Engines today may use as many as four sensors, which monitor not only exhaust gas-oxygen content, but catalytic converter efficiency as well. Every NTK 4-Wire A/F Oxygen Sensor undergoes a complex 3-test process to guarantee high quality and durability. While all oxygen sensors are built to last, over time, your current O2 sensor can become less effective. With this in mind, if your vehicle exhibits bad oxygen sensor symptoms including a triggering of the check-engine light, bad gas mileage, and a rough idle, you may need an oxygen sensor replacement. Rely on NGK/NTK and their years of engineering expertise to provide you with a high-quality 4-Wire A/F O2 Sensor. As future emissions standards become tougher, the manufacturer is further developing oxygen sensor technologies to help provide cleaner, more efficient engines.

  • MAXIMIZE ENGINE PERFORMANCE: the superior design of the oxygen sensor maximizes engine performance while reducing fuel consumption and harmful emissions
  • ENSURE THE RIGHT FIT: the NGK/NTK OE-Type 4-Wire A/F Oxygen Sensors are designed to adhere to OE standards within incredibly close tolerances
  • INSTALL EASILY: these sensors are supplied with a waterproof factory-fitted OE connector for easy installation
  • CHOOSE A PRECISION-MADE PART: due to the sensitive and critical nature of the oxygen sensor, NGK/NTK uses a sensing element incorporating the NTK premier technical ceramic material
  • TRUST IN TROUBLE-FREE PERFORMANCE: this O2 Sensor has been extensively tested during manufacturing to guarantee quality and reliability

Year RangeMakeModelNotes
2018VolvoV902.0L L4;Upstream;B1S1;OE Equivalent Design
More Information
SKU 2061010538
Color N/A
Brand NGK
Part Type AFR Air Fuel Ratio Sensor
Part Number N/A
Part Interchange Manufacturer Sixity
Part Interchange Number N/A
Pack Size 1
Condition New
Part Placement Upstream
Vehicle Type Auto
Vehicle Year 2018
Vehicle Make Volvo
Vehicle Model V90
Vehicle Submodel Various
Vehicle Engine Various
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